Turning Thirty: Planning My Story

I love birthdays, and I love planning parties. I turn thirty next week, and there is no way I’m going to let that pass by without a big celebration. I’ve booked my favourite venue, designed flyers, invited all the best people, and spent far too long on Pinterest searching for those perfect little touches to make it special. […]

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BOOK REVIEW: Dallas and the Spitfire

Discipleship and cappuccinos often go together like evangelism and street corners. There’s value in the right context, but there’s more to the doctrine than a once-a-week ‘spiritual check-up’ at your local Starbucks. This, at least, is the picture Ted Kluck paints for us in his latest book, Dallas and the Spitfire. Meet Ted: a thirty-four-year-old […]

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BOOK REVIEW: Erasing Hell

Recent publications have seen many a debate surrounding the doctrine of Hell, particularly in response to Rob Bell’s latest book, ‘Love Wins’. Francis Chan and Preston Sprinkle’s approach is not to directly attack Bell’s theology – although parts of his book are quoted in places – but instead to draw people’s attention away from the […]

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BOOK REVIEW: Hello, I Love You

There’s something inexplicably powerful about an autobiography; the authority of the personal pronoun (and of course, a heart-wrenching narrative) is profound. ‘Hello, I Love You‘ is no exception. It is a memoir of truly personal and, more often than not, painful experiences for Ted Kluck and his wife, Kristin. In all honesty, I wasn’t sure […]

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